Crows & Cowboys by James R. Bakkom

This is a 42 page, B&W book of Jim's favorite character drawings.

This book is self published by James R. Bakkom & Mark Wojahn.

We are selling this first edition for $75 plus $4.99 shipping.



Getting Lost in My Own Art, 27 minutes, DVD, 16:9, 2012.

Produced, Directed and Recorded by Mark Wojahn.

'Getting Lost' is about the creative world of the Production Designer and Artist James

R. Bakkom. It premiered at the Twin City Film Fest is 2012. It's TV debut was 1/13

on TPT-MN. The dvd includes many special features.

To order this feature packed dvd please click below, 

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Trampoline, 99 minutes, DVD,4:3, 2012.  

Produced, Directed and Recorded by Mark Wojahn.

This searing documentary is a year in the life of the Tattenbach family.  

The dvd has many special add-ons the instant download does not.

For example there are; Deleted scenes, Spanish and English subtitles

and a Family and Crew Slideshow. All present in a cool fold out Eco-pak dvd

case designed by Amy Patrick. For more info visit the Trampoline website

DVD (99 min.USA, 2012) Personal Use

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If you plan on screening Trampoline in your classroom, cinema or school's

library, please buy the educational license.  

EDU-DVD (99 min.USA, 2012)

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WHAT AMERICA NEEDS: From Sea to Shining Sea

93 minutes, DVD, 2nd Edition, 4:3, 2005.

Produced, Directed and Recorded by Mark Wojahn.

Edited by Nick Nichols

93 minutes (DVD or VHS) with special features (dvd only):

25 min. classroom edit of "From Sea to Shining Sea",

intro by the director, film trailer and the 1st WHAT AMERICA NEEDS

Film "AN INTERIOR EXPEDITION" -co-directed by Mark Wojahn,

Matt Bakkom and Chris Kubick (13min. 1995).

DVD-$10.00 plus $3.00 Shipping

VHS-$7.00 plus $3.00 Shipping

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Mark Wojahn 
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