Mark Wojahn started out as a documentary photographer. For many years he shot for Minneapolis weeklies, websites, artists and familes and still does from time to time. He has been interested in photography from an early age. He was handed a TLR in elementary school and it was the beginning of a lifetime exploration of discovering the world through the lens of the camera. He continued experimenting by shooting pictures of his friends in high school, then studied briefly at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design before finishing with a bachelors degree in Art History, with an emphasis on film studies at the Universiity of Minnesota. He has recieved some of the highest honors a Minnesotan can as a photographer with a McKnight Fellowship in 1995 and a Minnesota State Arts Board grant in 1994. He has exhibited at the legendary pARTS gallery (r.i.p) and served as a program director for the former Minnesota Center of Photography with then director Vance Gellert. He credits his twin brother, Scott Wojahn, as an early influence as he does classic photogs such as; Robert Frank, Walker Evans, Lee Friedlander, Josef Koudelka and Slyvia Placy. If you are interested in any of Mark's photographs for you own collection or possible inclusion in an exhibition, please contact him.