‘Getting Lost in My Own Art’ is the 2012 documentary which follows the playful and veteran artist James Bakkom as he tells his life story of; growing up in the midwest, propping for Tyrone Guthrie, running off to South Dakota to become a cowboy artist, then to be a production designer for Minnesota made TV and the films; “Sweetland” and “Detective Fiction”. In the final section of the film, James returns to his first love of painting and drawing as a semi-retired artist in his 60’s and 70’s. James is interviewed with many local filmmakers, technicians and collectors of his art. Each of them offers up what they think are his secrets to a successful career in the arts.

This film was created with archival footage from the 1960‘s & 70‘s Guthrie theater, with 1980‘s & 90’s MN Television and excerpts from some of the best local indie films. The documentary was edited by TPT veteran, Skip Davis, score by the Richard Werbowenko, audio mix by Kent Militzer. The renowned post house Splice provided the online edit, motion graphics, a HD blowup, a color correction and many other additions to make sure this is a top notch half hour of the film festival.

Mark Wojahn’s previous film, Trampoline, (a McKnight winner 2009), played at MSPIFF to a sold out audience in 2010.We have no doubt ‘Getting Lost’ will bring out the many people that love the arts, independent film and the man, James Bakkom. 

You can watch the film free on Vimeo.


Getting Lost in My Own Art: The Creative World of James Bakkom from Mark Wojahn on Vimeo.

To buy the film, it is available on DVD and has many special extras.  

Getting Lost in My Own Art, 27 minutes, DVD, 16:9, 2012.

Produced, Directed and Recorded by Mark Wojahn.

'Getting Lost' is about the creative world of the Production Designer and Artist James

R. Bakkom. It premiered at the Twin City Film Fest is 2012. It's TV debut was 1/13

on TPT-MN. The dvd includes many special features.


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Mark is an artist and documentarian living and working in Minneapolis, MN. He began his film education in a teenager at Film in the Cities in 1987, attended the Minneapolis School of Art and Design, and earned a degree in Art History with a Film Studies minor at the University of Minnesota. His work has been shown widely in the midwest and has toured nationally. Mark sees film as a means for building and connecting with our community, for raising a collective awareness and for exploring the realms of consciousness and humanity.

Reviews of Mark's work have been published in Mother Jones, City Pages, the Star Tribune, and the New Art Examiner. He is the recipient of several awards, including the 2009 McKnight Fellowship for Film, 2004 Best Film of the Twin Cities (City Pages), 2003 Artist of the Year (City Pages), and a 2002 Jerome Foundation Media Arts Grant. His other films include; Trampoline (2010), What America Needs: from Sea to Shining Sea (2003) and What America Needs: An Interior Expedition (1995).

Mark lives in Minneapolis with his wife, Kitty, their lovely daughter and a bossy cat.

Skip Davis, Editor

Skip is one of the Twin City’s most accomplished editors. He has worked in the booth for over 30 years and first got to know the subject, James Bakkom, at Northwest Tele- productions in the 1980‘s. Skip took Wojahn’s rough cut and sculpted it to its picture lock. Most of his daytime is spent cutting for Emmy nominated public television. He lives next to the river in St.Paul with his wife and 2 elusive cats.

Richard Werbowenko, composer

Richard is an accomplished composer and musician working in Minneapolis. He composes music for both commercial television and Hollywood productions. He composed all the original music for ‘Getting Lost’. His work has been featured in many films, including the Oscar-winning Monster's Ball, Safe, War Dance, and others. This is the second project Richard has collaborated with Wojahn on, the first was the feature, Trampoline. Richard lives in St.Paul with his wife and cat. They enjoy their time off with their horses in the countryside.

Kent Militzer, Audio Mix

Kent lived the rock n’ roll dream for over 20 years, making a name for himself in the Minneapolis scene. He then began a second career in the late 90‘s in broadcast and industrial music production, post-production audio, and sound design. He is “Uproar Music and Sound” and has created award-winning music and mixes for heavyweight clients. He mixed and refined the D.I.Y sound recordings of Wojahn’s in ‘Getting Lost’, for that he deserves a lifetime achievement award. He enjoys living on a hill in N.E. Minneapolis with his wife and two pugs.

Mark Heitke, Post-Producer Splice Here

Mark lead a whole team of folks at the established Minneapolis post house to provide the final online edit (Cody Brown), title design (Patrick Burke), motion graphics (Brian Olson), color correction (Michael Sandness), HD blowup and a trailer (Cassie Wentlandt) for ‘Getting Lost’. I can’t thank Splice Here and their team enough for seeing this project to it’s final cut. Mark lives in Minneapolis. 

Julie Caruso, Rights & Clearances

Julie is a veteran photo editor and is a master of copyright details. She worked with Mark for over a year to guide and secure the rights for all the archival footage in this historical documentary. She lives in St.Paul with her family and cranky but lovable dog.